LED Street Lighting

TESLA LED Street Lighting

TESLA LED is at the top of quality street lighting available on the market. The long useful life and highly developed technology created in accordance with the world standards is a feature of this street lighting. It is suitable both for cities and rural areas, streets, lots, gardens, car parks and similar places.
One TESLA LED street light of 200W replaces the standard street light of 1000W. This means that the correlation is 1:4. LED lighting does not only replace the same light power, but it also emits brighter light. For example, the light power of halogen lighting is 20 lumens per watt, or 20.000 lumens per 1000 watts. The LED lighting technology of 110 lumens per watt means that a light of 200 watts emits 22.000 lumens. You pay less and get a lot more. If you take into consideration that street lighting is on from sunset until sunrise, the savings in electricity from an economic point of view is enormous.