• LED Floodlights

    TESLA LED Floodlights

    We have every kind of LED floodlights for indoor and outdoor lighting. They are resistant to both high and low temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. They are designed for great efficiency and for a considerable cut in electricity expenses. The TESLA LED Floodlights emit high intensity light for different purposes. The strong metal box has passed serious tests for impact and dampness resistance.
    They are suitable for outdoor lighting of walls, columns, facades, billboards, industrial lighting, factories, sports halls, parking zones, stadiums and many other uses. They can also be used with a sensor for security.

    • Агол на светлина: Lens angle: 120°
    • Боја на светлина: 6000K
    • Лумени: 110лм на 1W
    • PF: 0,95
    • Влез: AC 100V-240V; 50-60Hz
    • Материјал на тело: Алуминиум
    • Отпорност на тело: ИП65 (Водоотпорно)
    • Марка на чипови: Епистар
    • Гаранција: 2 години

    • Цена:
    • 30W – 1100,00 ден.
    • 50W – 1.550,00 ден.
    • 100W – 2.900,00 ден.
    • 150W – 4.700.00 ден.
    • 200W – 5.900,00 ден.
    • 400W – 10.900,00 ден.
    • Цените се изразени со 18% ДДВ.