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Што е тоа LED осветлување?

Led lighting comes as a result of light-emitting LED diodes which are extremely economical with a long useful life (50.000 hours or life of 5.7 years if run non-stop). LEDs release a lot less heat and this is one of the reasons for their long life. LED lighting is a relatively new technology which can help you save up to 90% in energy costs for lighting. The LED lights last a lot longer than the traditional lights and that means that you do not have to change them so often. For example, the LED tube has a life of over 50.000 hours, whereas the neon light has a life of only 3.000 hours. You will have to change at least 10 to 12 neon lights before changing one LED tube, not to mention that if the starter gets broken the neon light starts buzzing or blinking, and so on. Traditional lights can last even for only a few days, while the LED tubes and bulbs last for years!